In this article, you can find abbreviations frequently used throughout Tracts along with their meaning. If you’re looking for an abbreviation in an instrument click here. If you’re looking for an explanation of what the information shown when hovering over a party means click here.



ASSIGN Assignment Oil & Gas Lease

AOI Area of Interest

B Bonus

D Delay

E Executive

E&P Exploration & Production

EDOR Equal Division of Remainder

I Ingress

Inst. No. Instrument Number

Inst. Date Instrument Date


LOR Lessor Royalty

Bundle of Sticks

MD Mineral Deed

NEMI Non-Executive Mineral Interest

NPRI Non-Participating Royalty Interest

NRI Net Revenue Interest

NRWF Notes, Requirements, Warnings, Files, Subtracts

OGL Oil & Gas Lease

OI Override

ORRI Overriding Royalty Interest

QCD Quitclaim Deed


S Surface

UL Unleased

UMI Unleased Mineral Interest

WD Warranty Deed

WI Working Interest


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