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Get the cloud platform that helps automate, organize and simplify title. Tracts powers land departments to achieve bigger output with less management.

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Powering Your Landmen

With ‘Zero Math’ Calculations, never do math again. Once an interpretation is entered the document places itself in the chain and all ownership calculations are updated. Instantly.

Powering Your Process

Common Title Finder means your next project is already started. The book and page number instantly pulls up previous interpretations so you never run the same title twice. Leverage your assets.

Powering Your Data

TitleNotes™ elevate the industry. These Pre-Interpretations provide only the data you need to understand property ownership. Documents are distilled 1400 word to the 40 words that matter. Giving you the critical information necessary to acquire land. Work smarter.

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“Tracts has completely evolved the way I approach the process. The system has been instrumental in managing crews in the field and the overall project.”

John Cochran, VP OF Land – Elm Grove Resources

“Tracts is upping my title game. It is easy to search for individual owners and, in the event of a change of ownership, I can update an instrument and it will instantly do the math for me!”

Amber Morrison, Sr. Land Technician – Laredo Energy

“As a mineral acquisition company, we need to do three things right: 1) buy the right rock, 2) invest at the right price, and 3) know who to buy from. Tracts enables us to get number 3 right and do it in 50% less time than traditional land workflows. Because of Tracts, our money goes into minerals instead of into day rates.”

Christopher Beato, CEO – Rocking WW Minerals