Frequently Asked Questions


What regions and basins does Tracts currently cover?

The platform handles the automation of title due diligence for the lower 48 and all major basins within the United States. The basins with the highest usage currently are the Permian, Midland, Bakken, Powder River, Anadarko, Utica and Marcellus Basins.

Does Tracts work in every case?

Since Tracts inception, we have worked tirelessly to make our service as flexible as possible. Although it is impossible to say for sure that Tracts will work in every case, we have had hundreds of thousands of documents processed through the platform without breaking the platform. Users are constantly testing the platform through usage and are encouraged to flag any issues with transferring interest that may arise.

Can Tracts handle Duhig, after acquired title, and other title issues?

Yes, Tracts allows the user to interpret instruments and builds the appropriate relationships based on business and legal logic from all of the existing instruments.

Learn more about Duhig >

Do you have GIS?

Tracts specializes in getting you Ownership answers the most efficient way possible. A lot of great companies specialize in GIS. We aren’t one of them. However, we do have a simple link integration with most GIS tools. Custom integrations are available for a fee for systems that have an accessible API.


How are the documents and data stored?

Everything is stored in the cloud. Tracts uses several secure cloud services. All of the major code base is stored and accessed on Digital Ocean. All of the “objects”, such as the PDFs are stored on the Google Cloud.

Does Tracts sell user data?

All data uploaded and processed through the Tracts platform is securely stored, siloed and never shared without owner consent.

How secure is my data stored on Tracts?

Tracts uses multiple layers of security. First and foremost the servers themselves follow the strictest of security and compliance guidelines. You can find more detailed information in the links below.

DigitalOcean security and compliance information can be found here >

Google Cloud Services security and compliance information can be found here >

Tracts uses a passwordless based login system. Learn about how passwordless based systems work and their benefits >

All connections to servers are protected by SSL. All data transfers are encrypted. All data is protected by ACL (Access Control Lists) at the company level. All data is namespaced by company.

Can I export my data?

Yes. We would hate to see you leave, but if you choose to, all of your data can be exported prior to termination of the license. All of your reports and corresponding files are downloaded to csv, excel or pdf formats.


What are the pricing terms?

Our standard pricing is a user-based model billed monthly rate. For smaller teams daily user rates can be applied. If you would like to discuss whether daily or monthly pricing better suits your needs, reach out to us.

All client relationships begin with a single paid test project to determine the use-case. Upon completion of the test project agreements are signed. Custom integrations, features, extra support, or extra training may be available at an additional cost.

What are the user types?

Billed Users:

  • Landmen

Free Users (View Only):

  • Land Admin
  • Division Order Analyst
  • Land Managers

Do I have to pay a user license for brokers, contractors and partners?

No. Only users using the tool to process or make adjustments to the data must have a license. View only access is free of charge.

Do I have to pay for upgrades or any maintenance fees?

No. Your monthly management amount includes access to all upgrades and maintenance. Additionally, all future modules will be grandfathered into the terms of your current pricing agreement.

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