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The Cliff Notes Of The Courthouse

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TitleNotes™ bring the power of automation to deliver document interpretations directly to your email or Tracts account. Add predictability to the time and cost of title due diligence, and stop waiting for a broker to find or analyze docs when you don’t have to.

TitleNotes™ are exportable landman interpretations of courthouse documents distilled down to provide only the necessary information for understanding the documents quickly.

By cutting out the piles of legalese, land records are condensed in a simple to read format so you can quickly and efficiently understand the who, what, when, where, and how much for each conveyance.

Enverus Customers, Start Using TitleNotes Now

TitleNotes Enverus Integration

TitleNotes™ are available immediately to all Enverus customers. Just click on the Tracts icon from the top-right side of the screen to get started (pictured above).

If TitleNotes is not yet activated for your account, contact your Enverus rep or reach out to our team today to get your account started.

Why TitleNotes?

The average title document is 1700 words.

We concentrate these courthouse documents into the 40 or so words that matter. TitleNotes™ presents the most important 2% of information you need to make acquisition decisions more efficiently.

With TitleNotes™ quickly scan each document by

  • Transaction
  • Area
  • Depth
  • Mineral Type
  • Milestone

Each TitleNotes™ bundle includes a PDF, CSV and digital copy added directly into your Tracts account.

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Still not convinced? Learn even more about how we’re improving the Title process by up to 38x. Or discover how we teamed up with Enverus to launch the cliff notes of the industry.

TitleNotes™ by Tracts