Understand who owns what – as efficiently as possible – by arming your land department with the tools to do title right.

Patented Math Engine

Instant calculations for answers you can rely on

Our one-of-a-kind, proprietary math engine uses single document interpretations to calculate ownership for all interest types and multi-dimensional severances instantly. All 22 dimensions of ownership are automatically updated, eliminating the need to mentally connect parties and build complex formulas, drastically reducing the opportunity for human error.

Automatic Reports

Transform raw data into usable data in a fraction of the time

Give in-house land managers and executives up-to-the-document access to 10 dynamic title reports that can be sorted by date, severances, individual party, document type and more. Cost per document and efficiency metric reports provide insight into the productivity of a project, team or individual landman or attorney.

Reports Available

Mineral Ownership Report – Lease Ownership Reports – Interactive Runsheet – Assignments Report

Requirements Report – History of Title – Assignments – Lease Analysis Report – Warnings Report

Redundancy lies in the middle, Tracts eliminates it.

Document Interpretation Library

Never interpret a document twice

Building your document interpretation library creates efficiencies unmatched by today’s document libraries. Each time a document is interpreted, it is saved in your secure company-wide file so that when running adjacent acreage, common title is already complete. Just pull common documents into the related area and watch the patented math engine do the rest.

  • Single document entry
  • Search by book, page or instrument
  • Share with all partners

Ownership Knowledge Graph

Consistent and interactive title chain

A new take on the landman flowchart for the digitally transformed land department, Tracts innovative and standardized visualization of ownership history means title chains look the same and are easy to understand, regardless of which partner originated the chain.

  • Standardized format
  • Start from patent or custom baseline
  • Prune to single party or tract
  • View ownership at any date

Simple & Secure

Built to feel like paper, secured in the cloud

Tracts intuitive workflow was designed using Google’s Material Design for ease of use and meticulously built to properly secure your most valuable assets.

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Bank-grade cloud storage
  • Single Source of Truth (SSoT) Integrations

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