There are three different types of graying out that can occur in your flowchart.


1. The entire flowchart is a muted gray outline by dotted lines. 

This is caused when a starting interest has not been assigned and given its initial rights. Since nothing was assigned to the starting interest, the software can’t calculate ownership because it is null across the board.

2. There is a party in the flowchart that is now grayed out but wasn’t before.

This is the case when a party inside the chain of title has effectively assigned away all previous ownership interests and now has none.

3. In SVG view, there is a grayed out party throughout time even though the flowchart is not grayed out. 

In this situation, that party is a stranger to title. That means that party name has no relation to the chain of title when the name was entered. This can most likely be remedied using the people and alias tool.