The Non-Conveying Documents tab now includes a Well Card tab, allowing you to store well data relevant to your subject lands and attach related files.

The following steps demonstrate adding a well card to an AOI:

  1. Open the Non-Conveying Documents tab of the sidebar.
  2. Open the Well Card tab.
  3. Click the turquoise + button to create a new non-conveying document.
  4. Name the Well Card and fill in any other available data.

  5. Click the Files menu to add relevant files, such as permits, production, plats, etc. to each well card.

Our Copy ID function allows you to attach cards for non-conveying documents to the notecards for relevant conveying documents.

In this example, we’ll attach a well card to the relevant lease:

  1. Right click and select Copy ID.
  2. Select Files & Supporting Docs tab of the relevant lease card.
  3. Paste the copied ID in the Add a File URL, File ID, or NCD ID field.

Now, the well card can be opened from the Files & Supporting Docs tab of the lease notecard.