Tracts now has a built-in search function! This search function searches across any text that has been entered by the users at the Region and Project levels, and also within your individual AOIs.


To open the search bar, either click on the magnifying-glass at the top-right corner of your screen, or use the slash (“/”) hotkey.  If you search for multiple terms, you will receive results for each term you search for. If a term is required, use a plus-sign (“+”) in front of it. If you put an asterisk (“*”) before or after a string of letters, you will search for all terms that begin or end with that string of letters.


In addition to the search function, you can now instantly see all the instruments that a party is involved in within your AOI through the Parties & Aliases tool by clicking the “Referencing Instruments” hyperlink at the bottom of a party’s info card. This feature works especially well with the new search function because you can simply search for a party name, which brings up the party in the Parties & Aliases tool.