2021 Recap

We have closed out 2021 with a flurry of activity here at Tracts. It has been a bumpy last few years for the oil and gas industry as a whole, but things are looking bright and momentum has shifted in our favor as we head into 2022. Thank you to our clients for all of the feedback and idea sharing that has built Tracts from a simple interest calculator into a robust platform and ever growing list of additional tools and services. Below is a recap of newly released products, a big partnership platform, upgrades and more.

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Product Updates


TitleNotes™ trim 1700 words down to the 40 words that matter – presented in an easy-to-read format to quickly and efficiently understand the who, what, when, where, and how much for each conveyance.

Information That Matters | Focus on the significant details of a transaction and stop searching through the pages and pages of standard clauses and cumbersome legalese. 

Information You Trust | At least two landmen analyze each TitleNote before submission to the client to ensure  accuracy.

With TitleNotes™ quickly scan each document by:

  • Area
  • Depth
  • Transaction
  • Party

Tracts brings the power of automation to deliver document interpretations directly to your email or Tracts account.

Each TitleNotes™ bundle includes a searchable report, a link to the source documents and a digital copy imported directly into the Tracts platform. JSON files are available upon request.


TitleTracker is a monthly TitleNotes report monitoring all conveyance, lease, and assignment transactions in a given county.Stay on top of recent activity in any area of interest, build lead lists, and identify the most active lessors, assignors, grantees, and grantors along with the amount conveyed in all recent transactions.

The release is currently only available in Texas with a national rollout planned by the end of 2022.

Each TitleNotes bundle and TitleTracker report is searchable with a link to the source documents and imported directly into the Tracts platform.

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Tracts in the News

Tracts Blog: Introducing TitleNotes – Even with all the automation now possible, gathering and inputting the source data presents a painful bottleneck. Until now.

Dallas Innovates: ‘The CliffsNotes of the Courthouse’: Fort Worth-Based Tracts and Austin’s Enverus Release TitleNotes

Tutorials Of The Month

  1. When an instrument specifies multiple acreages, depths, minerals and/or wellbores, save time by adding all severances to the digital notecard at once.
  2. Reminder: The  “Field Search” bar allows you to keyword search all documents in your document library. Find the document you need instantly using a simple search.

Where We’ll Be This Month

February 8 | George R Brown | AAPG: Directions and Opportunities in Energy: Assets, Financing, Technology, Data

February 9 – 11 | George R Brown | NAPE SUMMIT 2022