Below, you will find a list of commonly used abbreviations found inside of various instruments.
These are the abbreviations landmen will enter in Tracts. Most of these abbreviations are instrument subtypes.
Subtypes should always be entered in ALL CAPS.
This list is always growing. Feel free to suggest additional abbreviations that you come across in title instruments.


ABOS- Assignment and Bill of Sale

ADMIN DEED- Administrator’s Deed

AFFT HEIR- Affidavit of Heirship

AFFT SUCCESSOR TRST- Affidavit of Successor Trustee

AFFT- Affidavit

AGREE- Agreement


AOGL- Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease

AOGML- Assignment of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease

AORRI- Assignment of Overriding Royalty Interest

APP- Application

APPT CO-TRUSTEE- Appointment of Co-Trustee

ASSIGN DT- Assignment of Deed of Trust

ASSIGN- Assignment

BLM ASSIGN- Bureau of Land Management Assignment of Record Title

BLM TRANSFER- Bureau of Land Management Transfer of Operating Rights

BOS- Bill of Sale

CONV- Conveyance

CORR- Correction (CORR OGL, CORR WD, CORR QCD, etc.)

DECL- Declaration

DEED- Deed

DIST DEED- Distribution Deed

DT- Deed of Trust

EAS- Easement

EXEC DEED- Executor’s Deed

EXT- Extension

FIELD NOTES- Field Notes

GIFT DEED- Gift Deed

GWD- General Warranty Deed

HOMESTEAD- Homestead Designation

INV- Inventory

JUDG- Judgment

LP- Lis pendens; Lawsuit Pending

LWT- Last Will and Testament

MD- Mineral Deed

MEMO OGL- Memorandum of Oil and Gas Lease

MEMO OGML- Memorandum of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease

MML- Mechanics and Materialmen’s Lien

MTG- Mortgage

OGL- Oil and Gas Lease

OGML- Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease

ORDER- Order

PART AOGL- Partial Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease

PART AOGML- Partial Assignment of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease

PART ASSIGN- Partial Assignment

PART DEED- Partition Deed

PAT- Patent

POA- Power of Attorney

PR DEED- Personal Representative’s Deed

PROBATE- Certified Copy of Probate Proceedings

QCD- Quit Claim Deed

RAT- Ratification

RD- Royalty Deed

RDO- Rental Division Order

REL- Release

RESOL- Resolution

ROW DEED- Right of Way Deed

ROW/EAS- Right of Way/Easement

SHRF DEED- Sheriff’s Deed

STIP- Stipulation

SUB- Subordination

SUCCESSOR TRST DEED- Successor Trustee’s Deed

SWD- Special Warranty Deed

TOD- Transfer of Death

TRST DEED- Trustee’s Deed

TRUST AGREE- Trust Agreement

WD- Warranty Deed

WDVL- Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien

Other Abbreviations:

ARTI- All rights, title, and interest

Cnty County

Dec’d Deceased


Et al.And others

Et ux. And wife

Et vir. And husband

NMR- No minerals reserved

NST- Not subject tract

Re:– Regarding


RTI- Right, Title, and Interest

[sic]Used to indicate that something is incorrectly written and intentionally left as it was in the original.

ST- Subject Tract