When you are entering dates into the digital notecard you may notice that there are multiple date options available to you. These are helpful to ensure an accurate calculation using the order of title you created.



Digital Notecard

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  • Instrument Date
  • File Date
  • Recording Date
  • Acknowledge Date

Instrument Basic Data

  • Recording Time
    • If you have documents recorded on the same day, use this option to differentiate which document should be placed first. Otherwise, it automatically puts the instruments in the same order as you entered them.
    • The time is entered as HH:MM AM/PM.
  • Superseding Date
    • This date will automatically take precedence over any other date entered in the notecard. Use this if you your instrument has an effective date, or if you need an instrument, such as an affidavit of heirship, to take effect in title at some time other than the instrument’s date.


AOI Settings

You can change the order of preference of the dates in the notecard inside of the AOI settings located in the sidebar. Changing this setting will change the order that the documents appear in the flowchart and when calculations take place. The automatic assignment of dates is IARF or Instrument > Acknowledged > Recording > File. However, these can be rearranged to best fit your company.