Welcome to the Tracts Knowledge Base, where we cover everything you may run into using Tracts. The help center is divided into the following categories. Read on below for a bit more information on each category or follow the links to go check them out now. If you have a question that aren’t already addressed, submit a help ticket and we will have an answer for you within 48 hours.

Tracts University

Interactive lessons for landmen, land managers and everyone in the land department to kick start your Tracts training process.

How-To Guides

Here you will find step-by-step instructions and videos to guide you on all the ways you can use Tracts, from entering conveyances, searching for owners and accessing title reports.


Use the search bar to locate videos on specific tools and features.


Commonly Asked Questions

Search through frequently asked questions that we’ve received from our users. Couldn’t find your question? Submit a ticket so that we can answer yours and add it to the list for others to find.


Best Practices

Explore the best practices section to find helpful suggestions and tips to make your use of Tracts easier.


Software Updates

Stay alert on Tracts software updates.


Basic Landman Information

Landman knowledge provided to aid you in your understanding of Tracts software.


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