As a mineral acquisition company, we need to do three things right: 1) buy the right rock, 2) invest at the right price, and 3) know who to buy from. Tracts enables us to get number 3 right and do it in 50% less time than traditional land workflows. Because of Tracts, our money goes into minerals instead of into day rates.

Christopher Beato – CEO – Rocking WW Minerals

Tracts has completely evolved the way I approach the process. The system has been instrumental in managing crews in the field and the overall project.

John Cochran – VP of Land – Elm Grove Resources

Tracts is upping my title game. It is easy to search for individual owners and, in the event of a change of ownership, I can update an instrument and it will instantly do the math for me!

Amber Morrison – Sr. Land Technician – Laredo Energy

Companies who have used Tracts

Mineral Buyers

Buying minerals and leases is a cut-throat business with no room for error. You need absolute confidence in landowner data, expert landmen and a reputation of transparency to close deals. With instant mineral ownership calculation, automatically generated ownership reports and a clean data room to share, you can knock on a landowners door check-in-hand. No more LOIs.

Tracts Can Help You...

  • Generate More Leads

    Auto-calculation and the document library allow landmen to run out related parties and adjacent ownership with ease

  • Show up with a check

    While your competition shows up with an LOI, you have the information needed to make an offer on the spot

  • Unlock Opportunities

    Running title in a fraction of the time increases the profitability of previously unprofitable opportunities

E&P Companies

Your Land Management Software does a good job organizing data, but what good is organized data if it is inaccurate? Whether you are acquiring leases, paying on production or conducting due diligence during A&D, it is imperative that your ownership reports are free of defects, easy to QA and simple to update.

With Tracts you'll...

  • Eliminate lease defects

    Get accurate ownership interest loaded into your LMS in a fraction of the time

  • Streamline your workflow

    Spend less money running title and be the first to contact target landowners

  • Connect your data

    Feed ownership data seamlessly into current LMS, accounting and mapping systems

  • Improve Efficiency

    View real-time broker and project metrics including documents per day, cost per document and cost per acre

Let's Get Started

Contact us today to find out how we can get your company ahead of your competition. Filling in the information to the right will allow us to assess where you are in the process and provide you with personalized answers. For more immediate assistance, call us directly at (281) 892-2096.

Attorneys & Brokers

Our proprietary tool was developed with every process of land acquisition in mind. Tracts offers Attorneys and Brokers the ability to gain an advantage economically without sacrificing quality.
Contact us to find out more information.

With Tracts You Can...

  • Offer More Competitive Pricing

    Reduce the resources needed to create a title opinion

  • Eliminate Redundant “Grunt Work”

    Quickly check instruments and reports with PDFs attached to the flowchart

  • Increase Your Quality & Accuracy

    View source documents as you review and mark requirements directly into the master file

  • Work More Efficiently

    Eliminate time consuming tasks and free yourself up to take on more title work