Are you interested in seeing how your title cost compare to the industry?

Use our calculator to find out how you stack up and how Tracts can save you money.

To get started using our online title cost calculator, follow the steps below.



Step 1: Enter Project Details

To begin using the Tracts title cost calculator, enter the following information.  You can use a past project or you can estimate if you have a title project in the works.

  • Total project acres
  • Total project instruments
  • Total project landman costs
  • Total project attorney costs

After entering this information, click Calculate My Savings to continue.

Step 2: Landman & Attorney Rates

On this screen you will need to select the region for your title project, e.g., Permian Basin, Bakken, MidCon.  Then enter the landman day rate and attorney hourly rate and click Submit.

Step 3: Calculate Your Savings

At a glance, view your title costs broken down by acre, instrument, and project day.  Plus, compare traditional title costs with Tracts to determine how much our title management software will save you, not to mention the extra speed and accuracy Tracts also provides.

On this screen you can adjust the savings threshold by using the savings slider to see the range of possible savings.  You also have the option to compare your project and savings with others in the industry.  Just enter your e-mail and we’ll send you your comparison.

That’s it!  Give our title cost calculator a try now.

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